1.How to use the wireless doorbell?

(1) Place the correct batteries into the detector of the wireless doorbell.

(2) Make sure the batteries are placed in the correct location.

(3) Install the wireless doorbell’s detector properly at the front door, window frame, driveway, sidewalk, backyard, or wherever you need it.

(4) Then turn on the receiver of the wireless doorbell and adjust the volume to the high or low position.

(5) Place the receiver of the wireless doorbell in a place where it can be easily placed.

(6) When the wireless doorbell’s detector senses motion, the wireless doorbell’s receiver will make a sound and the LED light will flash.

(7) Please wait 30 seconds to activate the receiver of the wireless doorbell after turning on the detection.

(8) Please install the wireless doorbell at 3 feet above the ground for best performance.

2.How to care and maintain the wireless doorbell?

(1) Please place the detector and receiver of the wireless doorbell in a sheltered area and avoid the two units from contacting water and direct sunlight.

(2) When the LED indicator is not on, the battery is low or dead. That time you should replace the battery.

(3) Clean the wireless doorbell regularly with a damp cloth to avoid the sensor being clogged with dirt or any small particles.

(4) Try to put it in a place where it will not get wet. In addition, during snowstorms and heavy snowfall, it is recommended to move the device indoors or to a safe place. 

(5) Do not attempt to disassemble the unit.

(6) When the unit is not in use, remove all batteries; clean the wireless doorbell unit and store the unit in a dry, cool place.

3.How to pair the signal?

Pairing method: Press and hold the volume button on the receiver of the wireless doorbell for about 5 seconds (the indicator light is on), release the volume button, and then immediately press the button, the signal is paired successfully.

4.How to modify and lock the music of the wireless doorbell?

Plug in the power outlet, press the music button to adjust to your favorite music ringtone, press and hold the volume button until the indicator light is on, then immediately press the transmitter twice, the music is locked successfully.

5.If wireless doorbell does not work properly, how to solve it when receiving?

(1) Try to pair the signal first.

(2) Please contact us, if there is a problem with the wireless doorbell product, we will arrange for you to return it or return it for repair.